Welcome to my breakdown…

Is that the sun I see?

Ah, man, I think I see the light…kinda.  I am no where near being out of this tunnel, but closer to the exit.  I don’t know if you’ve ever gone climbing in caves like in Carlsbad Caverns.  When I was a kid my dad took me.  It was a “Dark” tour.  No lights on a path with just a little flashlight.  I remember we went in so far I felt like I was going to freak.  I freakin’ hiked like a pro on the way out.  Slip here, no problem.  Wipe out there, shake it off keep going.  Even though it was just to get the hell out of there, I scaled like a gecko on crack.  And even though I was not out of the cave, I would feel better with every step ’cause at least I was making some progress.  That is how I feel today  Not out of it yet by any means, but I am making progress and I can form thoughts and plans.  I can look outside and see the sun and not the car leaking exhaust.  I can think of work and not hyperventilate.  Thank God for little milestones.

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